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Choose one of the four most popular packages. Do you say you cannot choose one? Contact us. (VAT included)

Basic package

28 € / person
4 hours
  • Including 200 paintballs
  • The basic gear
  • 4 hours

The basic set for a basic game
Additional buying 100 paintballs cost 5 €

All you can shoot

55 € / person
3 hours
  • Unlimited ammo
  • The basic gear
  • 3 hours

It is for everyone who does not want to take care of number of shot paintballs. Perfect for a company event or a group event.

One night in Pilsen

85 € / person
3 hours
  • All You Can Shoot
  • Accomodation in 3* Hotel
  • Ticket to a Music club

Enjoy! The sharp battle in the fields of a PPA network. Do not worry of an accomodation and the entrance to the party, it is all in the price.

AYCS Magfed

50 € / person
3 playing hours
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Magfed gear
  • 3 hours

Real looking equipment and thus real experience. Unlimited ammo and tactic thinking. Great for pros and newbies as well.

Offer of all PPA game packages

Game packages Description Price (VAT included)

Basic package

Are you measured? Do you save ammunition? Do you want to play just an hour and then leave? This basic package is just right for you.

More info

28 € / person Play this game

All You Can Shoot

Do you want to fully and properly play paintball? Don't you want to take care of how much does it cost or that you have to finish because you run out of money? There's All you can shoot for you!

More info

55 € / person play this game

All You Can Shoot MAGFED

Magazine fed markers, unlimited ammo, tactic thinking. Real looking equipment and thus real experience. Awesome fot pros and newbies as well!

More info

50 € / person play this game

School trip

Come with a group of more than 20 students and play paintball for 25 € per person. You'll get all the paintball gear, 200 paints and pictures from the event share it on Facebook. Your teacher has it all for free. :)

More info

25 € / person Play this game

Paintball as a Teambuilding

Organize a team building company event at our place from Monday to Thursday for 50 € per person and for 3 hours you shoot unlimited ammo. Use our field in SPA Pilsen in the centre of town and you may use a tram!

More info

50 € / person play this game

Stag party

Is your best friend getting married? Say goodbye to old times with a firing enjoy of the last moments of freedom. Come to PPA, organize a manly adrenaline event. Your buddy will remember this forever.

More info

individual play this game

Counter Strike

Terrorists try to destroy the world! You and your colleagues of a special unit need to stop them before they launch the nuclear bomb. Terrorists have to bring the box with nuclear warhead to one of the picked places and set up the timer. For time limit 4 minutes they have to defend it against police S.W.A.T

More info

80 € / person play this game

One Night in Pilsen

Experience Pilsen differently. Experience it with an adrenaline weekend. Unlimited ammo paintball and party till down. You do not care about anything. There is a accomodation and a party entrance to Music Club for free.

More info

85 € / person play this game


Try paintball differently and come to play the Sup'Air variant of paintball into the reball hall in Mýto with a rubber balls. No colour, no mess, easy business.

More info

15 € / person play this game

Players with their own gear

Do you have your own equipment? Then you are welcome to our fields, of course!

More info

15 € / person play this game

The equipment price and other individual tools to rent are possible to find at our complete price list.

Do you have a question and you don't know who to ask? Leave us a message and we answer.

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