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We are the biggest host of the paintball fields in the Czech Republic


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I play paintball for the first time and I don't know what gear I need.

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I search the right type of the game, what can I play?

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What is Paintball arena

It is a 11 paintball field network in 2 regions of the Czech Republic. Paintball Arena takes care of everything you need to accomplish an immense experience of the game just right according to your demand and expectation. As well we are able to bring all the gear to you and make it happen at your place.

Here at PPA the customers and paintball are at the top position which means that the rest is subordinated to it. We use a quality gear and we offer current paintball trends in the long term basis.

There is always a qualified personnel which is devoted to paintball in a private way furthermore the players-organizers have the international success. There could be a two-time European speedball master organizing your event.

Come to
enjoy the:

  • Come to enjoy the paintball games with a dramatic scenario
  • Tournament - a real ride with professionals not only from Czech Republic
  • Team building - Watch out! 'Hit your boss' does not belong to our official scenario
  • Bachelor party before you 'cluck' 'I do'.
  • A birthday party - all the family enjoys it
  • School trip - students get the sale and the teacher has it all for free