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Game rules

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Game rules

By using our field you are committed to observe the following rules:

  • Safety first -  It is forbidden to be a menace to yourself or to the other people. Due to this situation, it is forbidden to climb the trees, chimney or the roof.
  • Players are required to follow organizer's orders - the organizer does everything for you to be happy and enjoy the event without accident.
  • In the field (area bordered by a net) the player is required to wear a mask and in any case it cannot be taken off.
  • In the safety zone (same as at any place out of the field) players moves only with a safety marker. It means that they have to put the barrel sock on the barrel.
  • Drunk or drugged players are forbidden to participate in the game. Our organizers are allowed to test those who they suspect to be in this condition.
  • Smoking is allowed only in the safety zone
  • Using any kind of pyrotechnics has to be consulted with the organizers.
  • Players are forbidden to damage and destroy the field and the covered area within its surroundings. Buildings or cars behind the net are not really a part of the field. :)
  • All the gear that is damaged by a player this one has to pay it.
  • It is forbidden to collect the paints from the ground.
  • It is forbidden to use .68 Cal Powder Balls, including First Strike USP rounds. Regular First Strike balls are not prohibited.
  • Players with our equipment are allowed to use our paintballs (100 paintballs - 5€). Players with their own equipment are forbidden to give their paintballs to the players with our equipment
  • Players under 18 are only allowed to play if they are accompanied by parents or with written permission of them.
  • If the player continuously breaks the rules, he/she could be charged with money or excluded from the game.

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PPA paintball rules 

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