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PPA Voucher

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PPA Voucher

PPA Voucher

Are you looking for a last minute gift that will really please? Here you go! Finally, a voucher that won't end up at the bottom of a drawer, a paintball voucher!

Choose one of our game packages or set the voucher value yourself, it's up to you!

How much will the voucher cost me?

The voucher is worth exactly what your chosen game package is worth, or what your chosen voucher value should be.

How will I receive the voucher?

– by email as a PDF

It's the fastest way and won't cost you anything extra, you print the voucher yourself and that's it! And if the printed voucher gets lost? No problem, you can show us the voucher just on your phone screen.

– by post

If you want to leave the printing worries to us, we will gladly take it upon ourselves to print the voucher and send it to you by registered mail. You pay nothing for printing, but we will add 5 € postage to the voucher price.

How do I pay for the voucher?

– by bank transfer

Probably the fastest and easiest way is to pay by bank transfer - when you receive the voucher by email, you will receive the payment details with the voucher, pay and then, the voucher is valid! If the payment has not arrived, we will contact you. We can identify it quite easily - the variable symbol is the same as the voucher number.

This is quite handy if you are in a hurry for a voucher and it has to be a last minute gift, because we send the voucher at the same time as the payment details, we don't wait for the money to land in our account. This is only crucial for redeeming the voucher.

If you have opted for delivery by post, we will send you the invoice and payment details first and post the voucher once the money has been credited to our account.

I need something special!

No problem, if you have any special request, want a dedication or maybe a voucher for more than one person, write it in the comments and we will work it out, for sure!

Would you prefer something material? No problem!

Tshirt 1 Tshirt 2 Socks 3

You can easily order the socks and the T-shirt by email or via the form - just write in the note what you are interested in and if you want a voucher and we will get back to you!

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