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Counter Strike

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Counter Strike

Counter Strike

Come and enjoy a real event with well worked-out scenario, paintball gear and awesome tools.

The game is determined for 6-10 players, on mutual agreement it is possible that more people can play. The event takes 4 hours and you have to book it at least 4 days in advance.


It is possible to play in Mýto (Outdoor), Lhota, Líně.


  • Terrorists have to bring the box with nuclear warhead to one of the picked places and set up the timer. For time limit 4 minutes they have to defend it against police S.W.A.T
  • Police have to find the terrorist and destroy and deactivate the timer. If they cannot make it the bomb will explode.


Each group, police and terrorists, has the special markers at its disposal. In addition, terrorist gets a bomb.

Basic gear:

  • Mask
  • Overall
  • Gloves

For each win the winner gets one of the advantages :

  • The hopper with ammo
  • Tactical vest
  • Pistol
  • Police shield
  • Smoke grenade


We play according to the military paintball rules. You get the hoppers with 50 balls and you can carry max. 150 paintballs in pods. You can win them. Players can shoot unlimited ammo during the event.


Scenario game Price per person
Counter Strike (4 hours) 100 euro
Counter strike whole day 160 euro
Counter strike own gear for 4 hours 30 euro
Counter strike own gear whole day 50 euro

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