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Bachelor party/stag party

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Bachelor party/stag party

Bachelor party/stag party

A friend's getting married and you're planning a bachelor (or bachelorette) party? Well, that's obvious, you have to prepare something that he will remember at least until the next bachelor party. Damn it... forever, we were gonna say forever! And preferably in a good way, right?

We've prepared an ultimate check-list of what a stag party should include. And don't worry, we'll even help you check off all the items at the end. Here we go.

The Perfect Stag Party & How to Do It

1. Buddies. The first item is a no-brainer. You pack up your mates and you go. Where to?

2. A foreign city. Go somewhere where no one knows you. Where you'll be incognito and won't think about whose friend you'll bump into. What if it was Pilsen, the capital of beer?

3. Experiences. How about an activity that you will all enjoy and on top of that will be pumped with adrenaline? Exactly, we mean paintball.. Be a team! With or against the groom? It's up to you!

4. Prank the groom. He's about to get married, you have to toughen him up. We strongly recommend that you equip the groom with a vibrant chicken costume (or other cuddly creature), which we will be happy to lend you free of charge, plus we have a special bachelor party game for you.

5. Good food and drinks. You've had your fun and now you can go out into the city and eat and drink as much as you like. Pilsen is a beer drinker's paradise, of course, but we can cater for the non-beer drinkers too. We have a map for you, where you can find our favourite restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs. We've tried them all ourselves and recommend them purely out of conviction. Pro tip: Don't ask if he's drinking for grief or pleasure.

6. Hotel. And the last point for good night? Unless you're falling asleep under a table somewhere, you'll definitely need to sleep off this party. We'll help you with that, too! We've got hotels contracted in Pilsen and we'll be happy to accommodate you! And what's the best part? The hotel knows you're a stag (or hen) party and is OK with that. So you don't have to stress about the fact that hotels often state that they cannot accommodate stag and hen parties. With us, both are fine!

Recommended Game Packages:

The game package that matches our description best is One Night in Pilsen, which includes accommodation. It can be booked both with basic and MAGFED equipment. What is the difference? Check out the picture!


But hey, we will be happy to lend you a chicken costume for free with any game package we offer, just check the stag party box on the booking form!


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