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All you can shoot MAGFED

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All you can shoot MAGFED

All you can shoot MAGFED

What is it about?

Magfed is a paintball marker, with a bottom-feed ammo. Real looking equipment and thus real experience. This is not the time to shoot as much ammo as you can, this is the time about tactic thinking.

Where can I play?

Once in a while there is Magfed Event - an event for players with own Magfed equipment or even for the ones without it. (reservation needed)  

Would you like to play Magfed with a group of friends but not on Big Games? We have created Magfed All you can shoot for you. . 




All you can shoot Magfed

(You can book the package individually, it is not possible to use own ammo nor book the package without the ammo)

Tippmann TMC 68 M4 Carbine, magazine, mask, overall, gloves and unlimited ammunition - 55 € / 3 hours


Magfed BigGames

(price only for Magfed Games, paintballs are set according to our pricelist or BYO; price for players with their own equipment to be found on the BigGames) page

Tippmann TMC 68 M4 Carbine, magazine fed, mask, overall, gloves - 35 € / day (without paintballs)


 Attention! It is necessary to make a reservation in advance! It is either for Big Games or for individuall magfed games. Capacity is limited..

 Magfed 1 Magfed 2 Magfed 3

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