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Kompletní ceník

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Kompletní ceník


Tippmann 98 + bottle

favourite and reliable out of steel semi-automat


Paintball mask

Elite Radar Thermal with a thermal lens that helps keeping the mask clear

3 €


It is necessary to protect your hands! Special gloves with the cover of your palm and fingers

3 €

Air pressure bottle

Used as the engine for the marker

3 €


Paintball ammo to the markers ( minimum 200 balls)

4€ /100 balls

A referee and a service

he/she cares about the safety and organisation of the event

free of charge

Air for the whole time

Used as the engine to the marker

free for charge

Advanced gear



your clothes or use the overall only. It is washed after every use of it. It protects man against hit from tip to toe

5 €

Belt + Pod pouch

Do you need more ammo? We are pleased to lend you a Pod pouch with a 200 hundred paintballs. It is not acceptable for All you can shoot.

free for charge

Police shield

You can cover behind it. It is suitable mostly for a game: conquer the house

free for charge

Special offer pricelist

OfferPrice for a player

Basic package (4h)




Airsoft (5h.)

20 €

Airsoft (whole day)

40 €

Counter Strike (4h.)

100 €

One night in Pilsen – 1 day

85 €

One night in Pilsen– 2 days

130 €

PPA Weekend

100 €

School trip

22 €

Reball hal Mýto (3h.)

30 €

Reball hala Mýto – own equipment (3h.)

20 €

Sup'Air paintball field - own equipment (4h.)

20 €

Other fields - own equipment(4h.)

15 €

Other fields - own equipment (whole day)

20 €

VAT included

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