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Company event

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Company event

Paintball is one of the best form of a team building.  Where else you can get the chance to show the others what is really in you? Paintball is not for settling accounts with the others. It is the ability to create a team, team strategy and due to mutual help the skills you will succeed and win with. It is a game in which the age, condition or gender does not play any part.

The only thing you need is a good mood, because you get all the protective gear from us. Namely, it is the clothes, marker and unlimited ammo. If you shoot  200 or 2000 paintballs, that's really up to you strategy. 

Price: 45 € (VAT included) /1 person/3 hours

  • Is it not enough?  It is possible to buy an additional hour for 15€ /per person
  • We are pleased to arrange reception for you
  • Free pictures taken on the field
  • Gather at least 10 people and come to play

Is not the SPA field convenient for you? It is also possible to play in:

Outdoor field Mýto

Indoor field Mýto

Reball hall Mýto

Field Líně             

Besides paintball there is in Mýto:

  • changing room
  • showers
  • toilets
  • restaurant
  • shooting range
  • gym

It is important to book the place and the event at least week before.We recommend to take old, but strong shoes. 

I help you
with the reservation ...

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Call us between 9:00 - 18:00.

You did not choose a field? We drive to you and we bring our paintball equipment! 

It is possible to build up this field just about everywhere. Everywhere where is the straight, grassy field with a size of 30x40 meters. 

We place the obstacles of different shapes and sizes which could help the players cover themselves against the enemy's shooting all around this area.

At our disposal there are two air-supported fields, so there is a possibility to build up a one really big. The placement of the obstacles changes for every tournament.

The players could develop their abilities of strategic thinking. 

For the  safety and comfort of the visitors the field is bordered by a high net that reaches the size of 5 meters.  The net gives the visitors chance to be a part of the action.

We arranged a great offer of the other possible activites. 

Mainly it is Mýto. There is a list of activities you can choose:

Gym which is equiped with the audiosystem and a boulder and a climbing wall which allow to abseil from 19 metres high area. 

Shooting range that check the participan's ability to shoot with short and long firearms.  


Restaurant with the capacity of 60-100 people is located in the basement of the building. 

Boardroom - if there is no time to have a fun, rent a boardroom in purpose of a trainning session, prezentation or lecture

Hot and cold meal and drink - we offer refreshments during the event. 



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