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GPS coordinates
49°18'53.6"N, 13°00'27.5"E

8 - 60 players
(up to 100 players for the tournament)
30000 m2
playing field
Indoor field
Outdoor field
  • Forest ground
  • Grass ground
  • Building
  • Artificial obstacles
  • Trenches
  • Rented gear
  • CO2 refills
  • Air refills
  • Ammo refills
  • Refreshment
  • Hill ground
  • Use of pyrotechnics

Description and position of the field

Borderland was originally a base for training border guards and also served as the headquarters of a borderline company guarding the border between the Czechoslovakia and the GDR. Today, there is a super cool paintball field that is one of the largest we offer in terms of size. With an area of over 30,000 m2, up to 60 players can play here at once.

The dominant feature of the field is the former main building with quarters and the gamekeeper's lodge. The main building can be attacked from the lodge, or you can fight between these buildings on a field made of wooden obstacles, tires, wooden ammo boxes or giant pipes. The gamekeeper's lodge then usually used for a building conquering scenario.

The Borderland field is located among meadows and woods just outside of the village Sruby u Všerub. It is about an hour and a quarter from Pilsen or 20 minutes from Furth im Wald. You can easily reach the field by car and in summer you can take a dip in the pond just a short distance from the field...

We require 8 players at minimum. Balance payment is 10 € for an absent player.

A group of players that cannot reach the capacity of the field by more than 70% will join the other groups.


How do I get to the field

Frequently asked questions / FAQs

  • Who does play paintball?

    Paintball is played all over the world by millions of men and women of all ages, professions, lifestyles and social classes. Everyone finds a style of the game that suits to him/her (from the speed and dynamic offensive games through individual attacks to snipers, those who wait in a secret cover area for a careless, flag wanted enemy.

  • What do I have to take with me?

    Bring the shoes and the best would be ankle high boots.

  • How does play paintball?

    Even though it exists many kinds of this game mostly there are two teams against each other try to get the flag of their enemies and defend their own flag, furthermore they have to eliminate as many enemies as they are able to. The player that is hit by a paintball, that left a clear coloured mark, is eliminated. ( A fair confession of a player is the elemental feature of the game) A player leaving the field has no right to signal the position of the enemies or otherwise communicate with the players on the field. The way how paintball is played influence the number of players playing it. It may be six or sixty. The games with hundred players is not an exception. The number of players is limited by the size and jaggedness of the field. The time limit for the game is 20 minutes, although it depends what scenario is played. There are referees which observe the rules

Other question

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