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Paintball tournament

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Paintball tournament

Paintball tournament

Measure your strengths with other teams. Try different types of games, for example capture the flag. Accomplish it successfully and win over the points that determine the champion.

Tournaments are perfect for a big group (50+). It is required for 15 players at minimum who are divided into three teams.

There are referees safely taking care of the tournament. They paid attention players observed the rules and they count the score. At the end the referees announce the list of accomplished points.

Points system:

  • Win - 3 points
  • Draw - 1 point
  • Lost - 0 point


The advantage of a tournament is lower expenses in order to usual games. It suffices to rent a less number of markers because of less players participate the game.

The other players could use the break for refreshment or watching the game of their colleagues.


It is perfect for your company team building event.

Medal with your motive

After well deserved sports performance, we reward 1-3 position by a medal according to your preference.

Thanks to the newest advanced method in the area of solvent colour metal printing (in 3D) we are able to make a medal with your company logo, club sign or picture.

Give us the useful data at least 3 days before the tournament.

The price for a medal gets about 2-8 euro, it depends of kind and printing and their final number.


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